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Wind speeds for sailors
Wind speeds for sailors
Force Description Specification on land Specification for use at Sea. Knots MPH. Forecast Description Sea State
1 Light air Direction of wind shown by smoke drift but not by wind vanes. Ripples with the appearance of scales formed but without foam crests. 1 - 3 1 - 3 Light Calm
2 Light Breeze Wind felt on face, leaves rustle, vanes moved by wind. Small wavelets, still short but more pronounced.  Crests have a glassy appearance and do not break. 4 -6 4 - 7 Light Smooth
3 Gentle Breeze Leaves and small twigs in constant motion; wind extends light flag. Large wavelets.  Crests begin to break  Foam of glassy appearance.  Perhaps scattered white horses. 7 - 10 8 - 12 Light Smooth
4 Moderate Breeze Raises dust and loose paper; small branches are moved. Small waves, becoming longer; fairly frequent white horses. 11 - 16 13 - 18 Moderate Slight
5 Fresh Breeze Small trees begin to sway; crested wavelets form. Moderate waves, taking a more pronounced long form; many white horses formed. 17 - 21 19 - 24 Fresh Moderate
6 Strong Breeze Large branches in motion; whistling heard in telegraph wires; umbrellas used with difficulty. Large waves begin to form; the white foam crests are more extensive everywhere.  Probably some spray. 22 - 27 25 - 31 Strong Rough

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Wind speeds for sailors